Tuesday, 24 April 2012

well been a little quiet lately, had a bit of a pre Salute break ! going to get some pictures up of what i got and am working on soon !

Friday, 13 April 2012

im also working on some gripping beast not dr who family of blood, along with some berlin or bust usa troops and some nice heresy troopers

but then today mr postie brought the following distraction.....

theres soon to be the same but for the prussian empire for the que, not mentioning what ill be getting at salute this year !!!

crooked dice wips

so lets start of with what im working on at the moment - some lovely crooked dice minis of their time lift security and group captain jim

first up the obligatory wip shots !

as you can see they look a lot better with a black background ! not sure how that works out !

Day 1......

Well after reading so many amazing blogs over the past few months ive decided to get one of my own going. This will include random musings some disastorous painting attempts and maybe even one or two decent paint jobs !