Tuesday, 31 July 2012

just signed up for the Shell Case forum/alliance. lets see how we go with that one !

even managed to get a linked picture on too go me !!!!

Friday, 27 July 2012


well been waiting for these a few months now, i jumped in on their kickstarter and went for Britanan and Nuem and was pleasantly surprised to have this nice package when i got home !!

some very nice detail on the models, the top resin casts are very "solid" almost like plastic rather than resin ive usally worked with, you get lots of extra bits too so a lot of variety when assembling them

cant wait to get started on these !

Dystopian Wars Prussians

next up are some Dystopian Wars Prussians im working on for a friend of mine

very pleased with these, and its the first time ive ever painted something this scale since the mid 90's when i used to play Epic !! they were a very nice change to paint, so much so ive almost finished the full naval starter, im also working on some Covenant of Antarctica but am struggling with the colour scheme on those !

bushido (again !!!)

well bit of a late update here, first off some more bushido ! very happy with how the prefecture are turning out, although the oni do look like theyre starting to do the YMCA !!!