Sunday, 24 November 2013

a little bit of purple

well finally got around to finishing Kaelyssa off, took a while because i just had no motivation at all, its a nice enough figure but the detail is a litle soft, so a lot of it was lost in the painting process :(

im quite happy with these(yes she has pink hair!), so much so i held true and didnt start anything else until they were done, so heres a wip of whats to come - the phoenix

ive also managed to get around to gluing up my mage hunter strike force and actually using them.....OH MY GOD !

now i knew everyone says "you must use them etc etc" but id never realised how effective they could be with their UA, they go from good to bloody amazing ! was definitely satisfying going up against a more experienced player and shooting the shit out of his hiding casters and solos !!! (obligatory pass me the book/card moment too !!). im definitely joining the must use these crew from now on !!!

im slowly building up my retribution now, along with the above battle group i have

Mage Hunter Strike Force + UA (obviously !!!)
3x Mage Hunter Assassins
2x Ghost Snipers
2x Heavy Rifle Teams (Ebay deal ahoy !!!)
1x Arcanist
unit of Stormfall Archers
another Griffon (love those halberd bullet charges !)
1x Soulless Weapon Attachment
Sylyss Wyshnylyrr (again another recommendation i was amazed at !)
and on the way is Eiryss 3 !

after reading about the nice new Houseguard Thane who'll be out soon i plan on picking up a unit of Riflemen and just based on how nasty they can be with Eiryss some Mage Hunter Infiltrators

pretty good i think youll agree ?

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Reflections on Warmachine

so ive been playing a LOT of warmachine recently, most of my mates including myself, have either never played or played that long ago it was when there were only 4 factions and none of this hordes stuff !

ive chose Retribution for myself - deciding on a nice bright purple scheme, after months of doing drab colours its nice to get some colour back !!!

one of the first things we all found a bit difficult was getting our heads round completing everything at once with a jack/model - after years and years of 40k weve got it ingrained to move everything, shoot everything etc ! once wed got our heads round that we were ok !

cryx and khador have proven popular in my group weve got 3 cryx and 3 khador players, 1 skorne, 1 cygnar, 1 retribution(me!) and 2 circle (one of these being my second force !)

im enjoying the change in play styles and its been too long since we played anything with miniatures, personally i was becoming a little jaded with 40k, and this has definitely given us a boost to get back into things - even ended up getting a second different faction - circle !

ive mainly been using kaelyssa with the starter box, throwing in the odd solo and unit here and there, recently after reading up ive swapped out and added a phoenix - who has consistently in every game ended up either wrecked or doing bugger all ! the real performers for me have been the 2 lights from the box especially the speedy little griffon ! i did however have my first defeat last week up against a skorne force, i found their armour quite difficult to get through, especially with the buffs to up their armour the warlock was putting on them ! i ended up going for the phantom seeker shooting through buildings route with kaelyssa and had his warlock down to 3 health (love the shoot and steal fury/focus her gun does !), sadly it wasnt enough and she got ganged up on and harpooned to death !

im looking forward to getting my circle all ready to go then i can try something different, plus who doesnt love huge axe wielding werewolve !!!