Sunday, 5 August 2012

more Bushido !

agggh just typed out a nice long post with pics and everything, opened a new tab for some photobucket images and closed it !!!!!

well here we go again - take 2 !!

ive been working through the last few reelases from Bushido when my mate who im painting them for has asked if i can get the Bakemono done (hmm wonder if its anything to do with us starting to play Legend of the 5 Rings again !!)

so ive got 12 of the little buggers ready to go along with Tra Peng the hunter, who is probably one of my favourite Bushido minis so far

must say these little sods caused me no end of swearing and sticking my fingers to them and together ! but in the end i think ive got some interesting poses from them, they are very characterful minis and to be fair are quite easy and enjoyable to paint. im going to try to match the scheme i did hte original 6 from the Savage Wave starter a few months ago

and heres the Oni just for "completeness" !!

so once those are done ill of done 20 Bakemono altogether - 6 original + 12 "normal" ones + Tra Peng + Wu Zang Father of Shadows, who i hope i can do the glowy effect seen here on the GCT official model, although i cant help thinking he looks a bit too Yoda-like !

aaaagh and after reposting all that ive just seen the draft saved of my original post !!!!!!!

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