Tuesday, 1 October 2013

neglect ?, me ?, never !!! plus a journey into purple.....!

well its been another long time between posts on here, i think i should try and do at least once a month updates otherwise my poor blog will get lost in the annals of the internet !!

finally after getting all those bushido figures finished off i could start on my own stuff, despite a little hobby adhd with Tau (which are now sat on the shelf looking at me hopelessly !), our group finally decided to start playing warmachine, i had a bit of a dalliance with warmachine about 10 years ago when i had some cygnar, tried to get everyone involved back then but noone bit, so off they went to ebay ! now weve started again and in my magpie like eyes i saw the retribution and wanted some !

at first i tried the studio white scheme but just didnt like it, but then i remembered the purple Tau i had started on and decided to go a bit crazy and bright (after months of painting ww2 figures and dark drab colours it was only so much time until i cracked...!), although in my defence my first ever Transformer was Skywarp and i blame him really...

so here we go with the first of my purple retribution..

obligatory wip shots both with flash (top) and without, the actual colour is kind of inbetween !

after deciding on a very easy way to get the purple colour i liked (tentacle pink base, vallejo violet ink and tehn picking out most of the armour leaving the tinted pink around the edges with xereus purple) i then needed something for the swishy effects on the armour - all technical now ! being torn between several colours i finally went for green....really its not as bad as you think, honest....

again obligatory without flash (top) and with, personally i like the purple and green its effective enough to stand out without being too much !

so spurned on by this i primed and am ready for painting some more now, then rather stupidly i decided not to make the phoenix boring looking and try to pose him...

as you can imagine those big bulky arms and awkward shoulders can be a bit...testing...but with steady patience, glue and liberal use of a word that sounds like duck i had my next myrmidon ready..

overall im very pleased with how it turned out just needs his shoulder pads going on but ive learnt from teh above ones and am leaving those off, now as you can probably see from the above pictures my caster isnt done, now heres where im going to put a restriction on myself and wont paint any others until ive done her for the battlegroup, shes half done anyway so how long can it take,,,,

now before i polished these off i managed to also get a complete relic hunters crew done for malifaux, plus finish off my gentlemen for empire of the dead along with 3 professor erasmus', 1 for me and 2 for friends

im very pleased with how these turned out, a little annoyed at the guy leaning on a hammer who seems to of conjured a big mould line on his face from nowhere !!

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