Monday, 27 May 2013

Time for Tau !

Well I've been busy building Tau recently, but then the new Eldar get released soon....aghhhh !!

I did buy my first EVER fine cast mini - Tau Darkstrider, and was pleasantly impressed a perfect model in my view, so its looking positive for those fine cast Eldar characters !!

So here's some pictures of him, all different angles so you can see how he looks....

To be fair to games workshop the detail is very good, even down to the grooves in his hooves, there were none of the bubbles and see through parts you hear so many horror stories about online ! 
I'm quite impresses with how easy the fine cast stuff cleans up - took next to no time removing the mould lines (I did cut the top off the antenna on his gun by mistake !), and it glues up very easily, probably the only little niggly problem was getting his hair to line up (the hair is part of the gun and needs to be glued touching his braid)

So to sum up I'm glad I finally got something in fine cast and I can see the benefits, just a shame its took so long to get it right !

I also picked up a crisis suit box and a piranha, and had a go at making the battlesuits as bit more  dynamic.....

Still undecided on colours though I am leaning towards purple as a main colour....

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