Thursday, 2 May 2013

Anyone remember Dune.....

Going to be a bit of a lenghty one (again !)

A friend of mine has a "slight" obsession with Dune, the old film based on Frank Herberts equally older book, and hes managed to get a few figures cast up that may appear similair to anyone who remembers the film...

i did feel quite flattered that he asked me to paint these up for him so really tried my best to get them to look like their characters

hes also got a second batch sculpted up of some troopers which im plodding along with the Harkonnen and Sadaurkar now:

Hes planning on attending Phalanx in St.Helens in June (its sort of our "local" show) and wanted a demo game for that so ive also been working on a realm of battle board (just 4 sections though)

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