Thursday, 2 May 2013

Back from the land of no internet !!!!

well its been too long since i updated on here ! after a house move and not having the internet for 4 months !!!!!! im finally up and running again so i think tonights going to be a big bumper update !!!

so what have i been doing....

well i think the last few posts of any real substance were Bushido minis ive been slogging through for a friend, well im almost there !

currently im working on painting up a couple of conversions that im very happy with heres some bare metal shots so you can see how ive been going....

and heres how they look with some paint thrown on !

im very happy with how these two have turned out, especially with how well the Ogre Kingdoms hands and weapons fitted in !

ive also managed to get a lot of other Bushido minis painted up

Theres also a few Dystopian Wars minis a Perry Samurai and some Crooked Dice "Time Lift Security Officers" from when i was taking part in Warseers Tale of Skirmish Painters which was a nice diversion from what i had going on at the time !

just puting all that makes me realise how much ive actually got done !

our group also went to Fiasco in Leeds and we picked up Empire of the Dead to which i was cajoled into painting the starters (it was a good deal though i got a rulebook and a gentlemans club box and a lady luck for my troubles !), im still working on the vampire faction but managed to get the brotherhood starter done and dusted off:

what i didnt see though was the almost mini army worth of vampire wars figures i got told id be painting too !!

so heres one or two more Brotherhood ! it also gave me chance to try out wet blending on this fading to mist vampire, which im quite happy with how it turned out !

was aiming for a fade to white/incorporeal at the bottom from him being "solid" at the top and think ive managed to pull it off !

and for something completely random...i managed to finish off some Gripping Beast armed morris dancers....

ok think thats enough for one post ! plus the next lot needs its own really........!

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