Monday, 6 May 2013

bank holiday bonanza !!!

Unusually this bank holiday I had the day to myself so decided to get a start on some of my stuff for a change !!

First up (quite appropriately) the first EVER Tau I've assembled !!!

Then I decided to do some more....

Then it was onto a new crew I bought for Malifaux, couldn't resist these when I saw them, and the Arab is huuuuge !!

Also got an Enforcer Captain from Mantic glued up and stuck on a base I salvaged off something I'm painting for a friend, still not too sure what colours yet, was thinking maybe something like a Dark Trooper from Star Wars

And lastly some reinforcements for my Gentleman's Club in Empire of the Dead, thinking of maybe doing these as Lycan hunters from some Lords Estate, some very characterful minis from Gripping Beast, loved these since I saw them on Lead Adventure Forum

All primed up ready to paint now, was thinking purple armour and grey undersuits for the Tau

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